Robert de Visée - Suite in D minor (guitar tablature)

Robert de Visée - Suite in D minor (guitar tablature)


All 10 movements of this classic Baroque guitar suite from 1686 were carefully transcribed from the original Baroque tablature. This suite has seen several brilliant editions published over the years for modern guitar. I'm not trying to replace any of those by any means. My goal with this entabulation is to keep it as close to the original tablature as possible without as many written ornaments. I believe this makes it easier to hear, see, and appreciate the beautiful Baroque counterpoint in these pieces. Once you become familiar enough with the piece itself, try to add your own ornaments in where you see fit. You may notice that the sixth string is rarely used. That's because in the original tablature, it was written for a five-course instrument. There are a few times here and there where I felt like the composer may have wanted a bassline to descend further than the Baroque guitar was capable of, so I did write some lower notes in. Overall, this should be a much more accessible version to play for the intermediate player without having sacrificed any of the music by simplifying any of it. This suite is a joy to play start to finish. Ten pages total. All pages are formatted so there are no pages turns in the middle of movements. The PDF is also formatted and ready for double-sided printing if you so desire. Enjoy!


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