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New classical guitar tablature available!

I have three brand new entabulations of different classical guitar works from the Baroque through the Romantic period. This is the first time that these particular pieces have been presented in tablature. As always with my guitar pieces, I have the standard notation included as well.


The first one is Robert De Visée's Suite in D Minor from 1686, originally for Baroque guitar. I transcribed this from the original tablature. I left out the written ornaments that I've seen in other modern editions, just as they were left out of the original version. The entire suite is included in my edition, all ten movements. Take a moment to try out the Prelude, click on the thumbnail for a full page sample.


Moving along to the 19th century, as you may have noticed in the background of my website, I have one of my entabulations of Johann Kaspar Mertz's Nocturnes. This time I have his 15 studies from the 1848 method book Schule für die Guitare. This is an incredibly fun collection of fairly easy, short solos for guitar. Click on the thumbnail for a sample of the first two pieces. You can download the original book here for free.


Last but not least, this one is not for the faint of heart. This is by far the most difficult piece of guitar music in my sheet music shop. To my knowledge, this is the first entabulation Francisco Tárrega's phenomenal guitar arrangement of Frédéric Chopin's timeless piano piece Nocturne Op.9, No.2. This is a monster. Click on the thumbnail so you can try out the first of eight pages.

Although it doesn't follow the original score note-for-note, Daniel Nistico's version is my favorite rendition on YouTube. Please enjoy it below and make sure to subscribe to his page for several other great guitar performances as well as some fantastic tutorials.

To view the rest of the most recent publications in my sheet music shop, please click here.

Thank you! ~Kyle

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