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  • Kyle Gray Young

I started a Patreon page!

Hello everyone!

Here's a link to my new Patreon page:

For only $3, you can have access to my archive of chords & lyrics that I've prepared for my students over the years. I have about 300 songs available with more added every week. There are quite a few posts with examples for free so you can check things out before you sign up. You can also view my spreadsheet of the archive here: Chords & Lyrics Archive.

Supporters at the $3 tier will also receive a $5 off coupon for anything in my sheet music shop. This means you can get a few things for free since several items are under $5. There's also another tier-in-progress on my Patreon that will get you a $10 off coupon in my sheet music shop. So either way, if you're planning on making a purchase on my site here, please consider joining my Patreon first so you can get a deal!

Thank you so much for reading and for your support. Please tell your friends in case you know someone who might benefit from joining my Patreon. I would greatly appreciate it.

Best wishes,


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