Time Enough! New album update, September 2018

Hey! Remember back in January when I posted this video?

Spring 2018, huh? Sorry about that. Quite a few things have held me up as far as completing the album. But it’s all for the best! I have written some new songs this year and I’m really excited to share them with everyone. It’s always good to have too many songs for an album, now I get to pick the best of the best. I’ve been working extra hard lately on finishing up all of the vocal arrangements for the songs.This is the first time I’ve ever notated my own wordsongs, believe it or not. It has been such a valuable tool for me with arranging my own vocal parts. I’m no stranger to standard notation, it’s just not something I’ve ever considered using for my own arrangements, however odd that may sound. I’m sure that a big part of that was my ego, thinking that I needed to do things my way instead of the proper way. Since I have my songs transcribed and notated now, I’m also preparing sheet music to release with the album as well. The way I started learning how to read and play music when I was a child was because I had a copy of the sheet music for the album Headquarters by The Monkees. Since I am a music educator now, why not create something that someone else can learn from with my new album too?

As I start to tidy up things for the new album, I’ll post more updates about it here. I have a nice track list of 13 songs and I can say for certain that I’ve never written better songs than these 13 in my entire life. I’ve never been more proud, nor more eager, to share my own songs with everyone. In fact, I’m so eager that I’d like to share one that still only has a vocal from my demo recording on it. I have plans to record the vocals properly in the coming days. But here’s what I have so far of one of the new songs from Time Enough, a track called Never Let Go. I hope you like it!




Jazz ensemble arrangements!

I just posted a couple classic pop tunes from the 1960s that I arranged for a middle school or high school jazz ensemble. Head over to my Arrangements page to hear previews for Daydream Believer by The Monkees and Yellow Submarine┬áby The Beatles. As always, any edits, additions, or substitutions are always welcome. And any requests you may have, I’m always ready for something new!